Jhumka Bai & Noratan A Love Affair by Saim Ali

Jhumka Bai & Noratan A Love Affair by Saim Ali  ( EK PREM KATHA 1530 ) Dresses Taken from the Indian movie.When film started it self named banned,to confront lesbianism in a civilized culture ,Dennying such a love could eve exist.In the initial weeks following the reeeast of fire.Reviewers praised the Film expect the depiction of a homosexual relashionship as "Gusty"11 Explosive 12 patrioting following the shive sina attacks on the film.Prominet party members said Fire had mantargeted because it was an immoral and pornographic film against indian tradition and culture.The Lesbian Relationship depicted inthe film was criticized as not a part of indian history or couture .The lesbian relation ship depicted in the film was criticized from the politician.

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