Mansha Eid Kancheepuram Sarees 2012-2013

 Kancheepuram Sarees are made with pure Silk and launched by Mansha to give an ideal gift for Eid festival occasion.Kancheepuram Sarees are famous in southern states and has large clients.Silk is always considered the ceremonial wear at religious rituals and weddings.Every Kancheepuram silk Saree is amongst the most superior silks in the world. Thanks to its double warp and double weft. Besides which, the gold in the motifs is incorporated by dipping the silk thread into liquid gold and silver. This enhances the beauty and the value of the silk.Most famous Kancheepuram Sarees are based in Kanchipuram.Kanchipuram silks in a wide range of colour combinations, designs and patterns, these are designed to make you feel traditionally fashionable and can be worn on my special occasion.

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