Latest Sweety Designer Arabic Abaya Designs 2012

 Sweety Designer Abayas established in 1999 as a retails brand, Sweety Designer Abayas transform the black canvas of the Arab garments abayas and sheilas with unique art work. Sweety Designer Abayas situated in Dubai and its popular because of Glamor and elegance.Abaya designs are fresh and creative with innovation of fashion on high Quality fabrics and details. Sweety Designer Abayas embellish abayas with Machine embroidery,Hand beading and swarovaski crystals on finest garments for respectable customers.Sweety Recently presented Latest Ramadan abaya designs with pure black and white embellishment for this year.Sweety recognize that all brands and companies must evolve and change. Continuous improvement and a passion for transformation are built into our culture.By fusing traditional elements with modern embellishments and chic styling, SWEETY has fast garnered a fan following that includes celebrities, dignitaries and members of the Royal families.
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