Ittehad Mid-Summer German Cotton Collection 2012 | Ittehad Textiles

The MidSummer Cotton Collection is perhaps one of the best yet from Ittehad,This German Cotton is Completely imported and the fabric quality is absolutely the most comfortable and durable range that Ittehad have in their collections.Ittehad Group of textiles always try out hardest to be innovative,Fun and Progressive as an independent Brand.Ittehad Stands for the Modern Trends made with a new approach.House of Ittehad is a brand that breathes attitude and constantly reload and renew itself.Recent Ittehad Mid-summer German Cotton collection is a true mixture of midsummer romance featuring a wide range of fabric and prints with luxury undertones.Express yourself Love to wear these Ittehad Outfit yourself on this season.Ittehad Textiles presented this awesome Midsummer dresses Under the hard work of Brand Director Aamir Ismat.This Collection Makeup and Photography done by Ather Shahzad.Lets check out the New Ittehad Cotton Dresses Design 2012.
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