Resham Revaj Pret Wear Formal Dresses | New Embroidered Shirts

Resham Revaj is very popular and old clothing Brand its working in Pakistan Since 1983 with the designer team Naz, Amber and Amna.Resham Revaj Producing Trendy yet cultural Pret Stuff in Women's Garment.It Introduced by Naz and Amber ( Mother And Daughter) to offer Fashionable Attire.Resham Revaj is truly a cut apart from many of the Designers sprouting-up.From adoring the iconic Benazir Bhutto to  the youthful Bakhtawar Bhutto,These Designer have had the privilege of dressing some of the most beautiful women of Pakistan.A novel Concept of creating customized dresses for the Pakistani Women,Their Design Philosophy  depicts a true picture of the modern era ladies whose sense of Style is Exquisite yet simultaneously understated.Resham Revaj Introduced Classic clean cuts with structure to fit every individual's body in a unique way.The Two incredible and Talented Dress Designers are fairly capable to design ideal Costumes for Any event.The Costumes of Resham Revaj usually have southern intricacies and the mixture of embroidery with modern elements.
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