Indian Designer Anarkali Frock Designs | Embroidered Frock Deisgns For Girls

Anarkali Frocks are considered as very traditional and rich outfit of women. History tells us that anarkali frocks are worn by women since many decades. As the name describe the whole story hidden behind Anarkali Frocks. Anarkali frocks are related to the famous historical lady Anarkali. In Royal era women's used to wear rich embroidery dresses nourished with motifs, pearls and other stuff. Anarkai was a girl, who was the concubine (kaneez) in a palace of king Akbar. His Son prince Saleem and Anarkali had love feeling for each other. Anarkali used to wear frocks with choridar pajama. After her death the concept of wearing frocks with choridar has got fame in south Asian women. This trend is also migrated in many countries and according to the fashion and culture every designer has modified this dresses. Now Anarkali Frocks are available in wide range of designs, embroidery, cuts and pattern. Double frock and Angrakha frocks are latest designs of Anarkali with fitt choridar pajama. Today She-Styles has a Stunning Collection of Anarkali Frocks 2013-2014 designed by Indian Designers. As new designers are diving in the history and at the same time following the modernity,  that is why Anarkali dresses traditional designs are getting  influence with the latest
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