Bonanza Satrangi Pret Collection 2014 | Satrangi By Bonanza Summer Pret Arrivals 2014

Bonanza Pret Collection 2014
Bonanza has always been known for their vast fashion accessories available in unique style with high quality. From foot wear to cloths, Bonanza Garments has set it's own remarkable place in every step of fashion. One of the most reason of Bonanza's success is their high quality materials available in modern yet traditional style. Satrangi is a proud brand of Bonanza. Recently Bonanza has launched it's Satrangi Pret 2014 collection for women. Bonanza Pret 2014 is marked by adherence to our traditional clothing style, intricate patterns and light designing to make your personality feel light as breeze and shine in the the season of summer. Bonanza Pret dresses are free from all kinds of heavy decorations and details. Bonanza Satrangi Pret 2014 based on lawn ready to wear dresses filled with vibrant and flashy color scheme which has been used in a diversified manner to enhance the look of the dresses. Satrangi Pret 2014 outfits are nourished with soft and subtle patterns on vibrant base to make the dresses look different from typical lawn dresses. Bonanza pret dresses are free from the highlighting of formal shapes and cuts. Bonanza  has used the idea of creative designing by garnishing the neck line of the dresses with pin tucks and button patti and letting the other parts of the dresses
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