Nishat Linen Kids Collection 2014 | NL Summer Kids Wear 2014

Fashion is equal for everyone, from children to adult, young to old, everybody adopts fashion according to their age and choice. In fashion market, only few brands and designers are providing dresses for whole family and Nishat Linen is one of them. Nishat Textile is a pioneer of fashion, and Nishat also has the credit of exploring wide range of dresses from kids to mother and father. Nishat not only design dresses for each member of family, but it also designs the dresses consistent with the age group. Today when everyone is busy in designing dresses for adults, Nishat Linen has came up on fashion screen with NL Kids Collection 2014. Nishat has designed this collection specially for kids to wear in the heating days of summers. Naqsh Prince and Nisha Princess are two proud brand of Nishat Linen. This these two brands, Nl brings dresses for girls and boys. Today Nishat has launched Nishat Linen Kids Collection 2014. This collection carries stylish summer dresses for both girls and boys. Nishat has introduced Lawn Kurtis paired with Capri and leggings for girls and for boys Nishat has brought kurta Pajama in soothing colors. Nishat Kids 2014 dresses are stitched in modern dressing style but the element of traditional embroidery has added the rich look of our traditions. All
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