Nishat Linen Pret Collection 2014 Vol-2 | Nishat Summer Pret Dresses Part-3

Nishat Summer Pret Dresses Part-3
 Recently Nishat Linen has introduced various stylish and unique Pret Wear collections for women. Each and every volume of Nishat Summer Collection 2014 was superb. NL has brought most creative and  contemporary dresses for women. From designs to patterns and stitching style, very thing was awesome. Today Nishat linen has introduced Nishat Linen Pret Collection 2014 Vol 2 Part-3. As the name is describing, this is the 3rd part of Nishat Pret dresses. In this volume NL offers lawn ready to wear shirts. This collection is based on single and double piece dresses, including shirt and trousers. NL Pret Part-3 dresses are mind blowing combination of glamors designs and unique color scheme. The dresses are available in wide range of patterns.  From Tiger prints to floral , mosaic prints to stripes and from natural prints to other exotic prints are the part of this mesmerizing collection by Nishat. Nishat has covered all the bold patterns to bring some diversity in lawn dresses. Mostly girls loves to wear colorful shirts with simple trousers and dupatta, and Nishat has picked this idea smartly. and designed this collection according to the latest trend. The shirts are nourished with block prints on the neck line of the dresses, and the bottom part of the shirts also decorated with colorful printed border. The first two volumes of Nishat Pret 2014 got tendentious response and after watching this
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