So Kamal Eid Collection 2014 2015 | So Kamal Bejeweled Eid Collection 2014

Since the month of Ramadan has been started; Everyone is busy checking shopping stores time to time to get buy new dresses.  Designer dresses have got very famous in public and many girls are waiting for their favorite fashion brand to launch their eid  range. Today one more designer eid collection has came out by So Kamal Eid Collection 2014. So Kamal has introduced luxurious eid dresses filled with rich prints and embellishments. So Kamal has brought 9 digital printed shirts with white and black tights. The neck lines of So kamal eid dresses are adorned with intricate details of motifs, pearls, sequences and buttons. So Kamal has launched this collection under the tag of "So Kamal Bejeweled Eid Collection 2014" So Kamal eid dresses are inspired from the Arabic clothing style and introduced rich patterns filled with luxurious embellishments on short shirts, ponchos and short kaftans. So Kamal eid dresses will not not only
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